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Amman, Jordan - December 1st, 2020 - , HeadSmart Jordan is a new project launched by King Hussein Cancer Center in Jordan to raise awareness for early diagnosis of brain tumors in children in Jordan. This national project comes in partnership with HeadSmart initiative in United Kingdom supported by the Brain Tumour charity, and funded by My Child Matters ,an initiative of Sanofi Espoir Foundation, to implement the project with collaboration with King Hussein Cancer Center

Brain tumors are the second most common cancers in children after leukemia and a leading cause of death from Cancer, as reported by Dr Nisreen Amayiri the project leader and the pediatric neurooncologist at KHCC, 6 children and adolescents are diagnosed with brain tumors monthly in Jordan with a total of around 70-90 cases yearly, and more than 70% of them are referred to KHCC for treatment. It is known that these tumors are often diagnosed late, even in high income countries, due to lack of awareness among the parents and health care providers about the signs and symptoms of brain tumors which may mimic other more common diseases in children causing more challenges in diagnosis. In addition, this national project can help save lives of children diagnosed with brain tumors and improve the quality of life of survivors. United Kingdom succeeded and we can succeed.

Dr Amayiri said that : we also aim to reach out to the school teachers who can really help spot some symptoms as children spent significant times at schools. We will do the dedicated lectures, live or telehealth due to the COVID-19 situation. In addition, we printed awareness posters and pockets cards distributed to the hospitals and schools and electronically through emails and with help from the medical and nursing associations. Public campaigns, media and social media advertisements and a dedicated website to the campaign featuring in English and Arabic language ( ) will be utilized to increase the public awareness about signs and symptoms of brain tumors in children.

About King Hussein Cancer center - King Hussein cancer foundation

The King Hussein Cancer Foundation (KHCF) is an independent, non-governmental, non-profit, national foundation founded in 2001 by Royal Decree and headed by HRH Princess Ghida Talal. HRH Princess Ghida presides over all management functions and operations of the King Hussein Cancer Foundation (KHCF) and Center (KHCC) along with a board of trustees comprised of a dedicated group of prominent volunteers who are experts in the fields of health, economy and finance. The Board of Trustees oversees the work of The King Hussein Cancer Foundation for Fundraising and Development and The King Hussein Cancer Center for Comprehensive Medical Care and Research. The King Hussein Cancer Center (KHCC) was established in 2001, honorably bearing the name of His Majesty the late King Hussein of Jordan. KHCC stands as one of Jordans crown jewels and the pride of the Arab world. It is accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI) as a disease-specific cancer center, making it the first center in the developing world and only the sixth worldwide to earn such a distinction. It treats both adults and children with cancer in a multidisciplinary team approach.

ediatric Neuro-oncology service

About HeadSmart initiative in United Kingdom

The HeadSmart initiative supported by Brain Tumour Charity, was launched in 2011 in UK to raise awareness among the public and professionals about pediatric brain tumors and shorten the time to diagnosis. The campaign designed awareness materials about symptoms and signs of pediatric brain tumors and distributed them among the public and health care providers. Besides, a guidance website ( ) on the proper medical assessment of patients to decide on whom to reassure, review, or refer for CNS imaging was launched. Many community champions, individuals and families, around UK volunteered to be the voice of the campaign to help raise awareness in their local areas, networks and social media. With this collaborative work, the median time between the first symptom and diagnosis of brain tumor was reduced to 6.7 weeks in the second year post-launch (2012-13).

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