Fits or seizures

(not with a fever)


  • Fits (or seizures) have a variety of causes, and most fits will not be due to a brain tumour. In this age group fits associated with fever are very common.

  • Fits occurring for the first time should be viewed as a potentially serious symptom and require further investigation of the cause.

  • A fit can be a brief moment when the person appears to be “absent” from what is going on around them, or jerking/twitching of a hand, arm or leg or jerking/twitching affecting the whole body. They may or may not become unconscious. .

If a child in this age group experiences a fit or seizure, always seek medical help. Fits can be due to a serious illness and any child having a first fit must be reviewed as soon as possible by a doctor. If you think your child is having a fit, phone 911 and ask for an ambulance. Some young children will have a fit with a high temperature (febrile fit/seizure). Fits with a high temperature are not usually due to a serious underlying illness. Any child having a febrile fit should be reviewed by a doctor as soon as possible, however, most febrile fits occur with mild viral infections.

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