Reduced consciousness


  • If a baby, child or teenager is being unresponsive or less responsive than normal, this may indicate reduced consciousness which can be associated with a brain tumor.

  • Reduced consciousness in any age will involve a reduced response to pain or to someone's voice. At its most serious the baby, child or teenager may not be roused from sleeping. In relation to pain, where they would normally open their eyes, flinch, withdraw, grimace, and/or respond verbally, in a state of reduced consciousness, they may not do these things.

  • Other signs would be that the baby, child or teenager does not open their eyes when they are called, they whimper or moan, they appear confused and cannot find the right words to use, or they may make incomprehensible sounds.

Reduced consciousness can be due to a serious illness and any baby, child or teenager having a first episode of reduced consciousness must be reviewed as soon as possible by a doctor. If you think your child is experiencing reduced consciousness, phone 911 and ask for an ambulance.


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