Abnormal eye movements


  • Visual abnormalities are common in children – most are not caused by a brain tumour.

  • When looking for signs of a brain tumour, there are two main types of visual abnormality to be aware of: abnormal eye movements and changes to vision, such as blurred or double vision.

  • The most common visual abnormality in children is a squint, in which the two eyes do not look in the same direction. Squints are very rarely caused by a brain tumour, but do require assessment by an ophthalmologist when first noted.

  • Abnormal appearance or movements of the eye are an important symptom to look out for – for example, if one eye is bulging, or if the eyes appear wobbly, quivering or flicking

Other visual symptoms that may be caused by a brain tumour include blurred or double vision, and changes to vision and eyesight.

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